Streamlining Government

With over 15 years of leadership experience in the public sector, Jeff has made efficient and cost effective service delivery a priority. Embracing the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma he has is relentless in identifying and eliminating waste in processes. 


It is Jeff's belief that government is meant to serve the people, not be a barrier to them. 


Jeff was recently recognized by former Secretary of State Dennis Richardson for his efforts to build alliances and partnerships that better serve citizens. Click Here to read it.


 ​In 2013, Jeff's work was recognized and published in an article on Governing. Click Here to read it. 


Jeff is a transformational leader. He believes in "person-first" leadership and management, prioritizing the safety, well-being, and dignity of people above all things. He is a mentor, coach and a teacher, helping develop new leaders across all sectors. He believes that leaders can help people unleash their true potential. 

Jeff hosts a podcast, the Starfleet Leadership Academy, where he combines his love for leadership with Star Trek! It is a Star Trek podcast told through the lens of leadership development. 

Jeff has spoken at numerous events and conferences on leadership, including Interconnect Online, Oregon Association of IT Managers, ArcticCon, ExpoITCon and others. 

Diversity and Inclusive Employment

Jeff is a strong believer and champion for diversity, equity and inclusion. He is an ally that has worked hard to create welcoming and inclusive work environments and to provide equitable opportunities for employment. He recently completed a program at Cornell University earning a Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion. 

Jeff has worked to become a champion for people with disabilities, specifically intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has been a speaker at events, including Amplify! Success, sharing his success and encouraging other employers to do the same. 

In this blog post, Jeff talks about the success his teams have enjoyed as a result of embracing Inclusion. 

Jeff's work has also been recognized through his integration of the State as a Model Employer Program. Click Here to read the article. 

Safety For the Vulnerable

For over 15 years, Jeff has had the privilege of serving Oregonians in his work with the Oregon Department of Human Services. In that time he has worked tirelessly to create safer environments for vulnerable people. 

Jeff had the honor and privilege of serving on the Oregon Elder Abuse Prevention Workgroup from 2012-2014. Click Here to read their 2014 report. 


Jeff has worked in pro wrestling, produced and starred in various web series, hosts podcasts, performs as a voiceover actor, and worked as a professional musician. 

In his time as an entertainer he has learned and demonstrated his ability to engage with individuals, large groups, and everyone in between.