Jeff Akin Oregon Elder Abuse Workgroup


New Leadership Building a Bridge to the Future

My name is Jeff Akin and I am asking for your vote for Oregon City City Commissioner Position Number 3. 


For the last 20 years I have worked as a transformational leader. I build teams that collaborate to empower individuals and help them unleash their potential. I actively listen, with emotional intelligence, to people and to groups to help them come together and solve problems.


I love our community. Oregon City is a place where families can raise their kids, know their neighbors and live in relative harmony. We have a vibrant business community and a heritage that was instrumental in shaping society west of the Rockies. Our future is uncertain, though, and only some of it is under our control.


I’m a husband and a father. Just like our neighbors we are concerned with what the future holds. What will school look like? Will we still have jobs? Will the businesses we enjoy supporting remain open? What will the long term effects of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic be on our mental health? My family shares all of these concerns with you.


My professional experience and education uniquely positions me to provide leadership and to help build community in these uncertain times. My career has been successful as a result of my ability to respond to changes, both small and dramatic; to remain calm, actively listen to stakeholders and think critically to help provide direction and comfort to the people, families and individuals impacted. My education, most recently earning a Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University helps me accomplish this with cultural humility, with a focus on equity and inclusion while being ever mindful of unconscious and systemic bias and racism. 


I had the honor to serve on the Oregon Elder Abuse Prevention Workgroup where we passed statewide legislation to improve the quality of life and safety of people living in long-term care. I helped create a collaborative workgroup that streamlined regulations and reduced unfair barriers to people wanting to provide care to vulnerable Oregonians. 


On top of that, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working in media and entertainment! For nearly half a decade, I hosted both locally and nationally televised pro wrestling! I’ve helped produce various web series and podcasts. I have developed the ability entertain while educating, leading and building community. Partnering with Jeff Akin is not only productive and beneficial for the community, but also engaging and fun.

I am honored, excited and humbled by the opportunity to serve our wonderful community!

Jeff Akin
Jeff Akin and Gizzelle Akin