The College seeks to present opportunities for each student to develop a personal Christian faith. In the context of learning about the universe and the intricate balances present in every day, as well as understanding our individual processes of learning, communicating and managing emotion, the College strives to assist each student to build their unique purposeful life. Our students are actively encouraged to live in a manner that is consistent with a Biblical worldview and explore a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Students participate in regular devotions, small group discussions, and chapel services which support them as they discover their place in God’s world. Students are given opportunities to learn from and lead their peers in growing their own faith through various groups and service opportunities that regularly occur in the College. Bible teaching occurs during Biblical Studies and weekly Chapel services and the Bible will also be presented during lessons. 

The College Chaplain oversees the spiritual life of the College, coordinating chapels, staff devotions, and Christian education. 

Christian Growth Development - ELC

Our daily routine provides time each day for the children to be actively involved in Christian growth and development. As each of our educators are active Christians, the interactions between children and educators are kind, respectful and maintain the dignity and value of children.  We have specific times in our day in which we dedicate to Christian growth and development, however, we seek to use every opportunity within the day to share the love and grace of God.

Each morning we engage in a time of praise and worship which involves singing and dancing to Christian children's songs.  These times are especially important as not only are we singing and focusing on God, but we are also experiencing physically active movement and developing our coordination and muscle strength.  Our afternoon involves a time of devotions in which we read from the Bible and discuss with children the nature and character of God.  These times invite children to ask questions and further their understanding of their Creator.  Our meal times are preceded by a song of grace in which children sing about their thankfulness for their food and a reminder of their reliance on God.

Christian Growth & Development - Primary Years

Students are gently shown God’s love and care through intentional interactions with staff. We begin the day in the main Quadrangle singing praise songs, and once morning assembly is finished, move off to classrooms where all students are immersed in learning from God’s word, the bible, and praying for others’ needs.  

All students are involved in a Chapel service, led by the College Chaplain each fortnight, where students learn how to apply the knowledge from God’s word into their day-to-day decisions. Each lesson in class is taught through a biblical worldview, and students are encouraged and supported to ask questions about their understanding of faith as they continue to grow and develop. Students learn what it means to demonstrate a life that is consistent with loving God and loving others.

Christian Growth & Development - Secondary Years

Each week all students take part in a Chapel service, led by the College Chaplain. Separate Chapel services occur for Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 allowing for greater student involvement and content tailored for specific age groups. Students also take part in Biblical Studies lessons where they explore a range of issues and learn how to apply the knowledge from God’s word into their day-to-day decisions.

Throughout all subject areas, each lesson is taught through a biblical worldview and students are encouraged and supported to ask questions about their understanding of faith as they continue to grow and develop. Mentor Groups also provide an opportunity for students to learn from God’s word and pray for others’ needs. As a Christ centred community, we explore the relevance of God in all areas of life.

Every experience teaches you something in life. Being here at Norwest has led to many of these experiences which have shaped me into the person I am today.”
— Georgia, Student